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Permaculture Strategy for the South African Villages

Permaculture Strategy for the South African Villages:
Towards MDG 7 – Environmental Sustainability

This book uses permaculture ideas to recommend practical approaches that can be used by government planners, extension workers and aid organizations alike


You may download an electronic copy below.

Written in accessible language and with a clear structure of chapters, the book explains a set of tactical approaches to environmental sustainability in regard to land care, local agriculture and food security in the South African villages. The tone throughout is optimistic and upbeat. People and their meaningful interaction with land is the starting point for strategies and planning principles that address sustainable food and fuel production in villages, to enhance the quality of life for the rural poor. Permaculture design principles inform the tactical approach offered in the book that works at both policy and practice levels.

Permaculture aims at the harmonious integration of landscape and people viewed as a single, if complex, system. Looking at the villages and South Africa as a whole, the book tailors tactics to the social context and offers a critique of the thinking behind existing agricultural development planning and implementation for South African villages. This approach has a wider applicability to many developing countries because it serves as a manual of practical action which can be readily adapted to local contexts.

Permaculture Strategy for the South African Villages argues that development work must always be related to the local context of people and their land – and shows how this can be done.

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Permaculture Strategy for the South African Villages --- The Complete Book (118mb)

Individual sections

Cover / Copyright Information / Index / Preface (6.5mb)

Chapter 01 --- Permaculture & The Millennium Goals (4.3mb)

Chapter 02 --- A Food Safety Network: Village Strategies (3.8mb)

Chapter 03 --- Types of Project: Why Agricultural Projects Fail in South Africa (4mb)

Chapter 04 --- Emerging Farmers and Poor Rural Villagers (2.7mb)

Chapter 05 --- Promoting Permaculture in the Villages (4.5mb)

Chapter 06 --- Village Politics and Development Strategies (2.6mb)

Chapter 07 --- Jobs and Entrepreneurialism (3.3mb)

Chapter 08 --- National Myths and Local Strategies (5.3mb)

Chapter 09 --- South Africa Today (5.1mb)

Chapter 10 --- South Africa in the Global Context (3.8mb)

Appendix 1 --- Plant List (2.3mb)

Appendix 2 --- Plans and Diagrams for the Home Stand (8.9mb)

Appendix 3 --- Green Manure and Cover Crops (4.4mb)

References / Back Cover (7.1mb)

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