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For the Eighty Percent - A Rap Poem
For the Eighty Percent:  Politics Now, Possibly Later



Of course the planet’s a burning crater

Oil crunch now and greenhouse later

Tropical storms and London’s freezing

Oil goes up and what’s the reason


Doom and Gloom   x 3

It’s all totally fucked


Don’t much care for the mainstream parties

Just a bunch of political smarties

Hand in glove with the CEOs

Companies rule in the land of OZ


So what  x 3

Apocalypse now, maybe later


That’s all very well

But what’s the alternative

Life’s not that bad

And there isn’t really long to live


Party now x 3


Greens are shit and here’s our notion

Up the creek, maybe in the ocean

A big problem is, they’re really boring

Rules and regulations, just get us snoring


Most of them are the middle class

They do go on, what a pain in the arse

They just can’t fathom our situation

They’d ditch our jobs for their reputation


And then of course, there’s the feral tribe

Smelly chick peas and a goat skin hide

Want to live like that?  You must be joking.

What kind of weed have you been smoking?


It gets worse x 3

Every day


A gift economy, could be the way to go

Explaining it’s hard, but then again you never know

It’s an anarchist dream, or someone’s nightmare

A sci fi future, a global village,  for us to share


When you make stuff, you’ve got to give it, don’t hoard it

There’s no money whatsoever and no boss, to give you shit

Give a lot to yourselves, your friends and your mates

What’s left over, goes to those you don’t hate


What a wanker x 3

Gee whizzz


But of course you’re gonna think, that’s all an idle fantasy

Living in the real world, it’s something we’ll never see

It happens so quick with the power of a gun

Cause people can be arseholes, you can’t trust anyone


It’s a bummer    x3

Tell me something I didn’t know


Well fuck me now, I don’t want to be a hero

Better to chill out, here in ground zero

Maybe there’s something, we can do at this time

Make it nice and simple, don’t you try to take what’s mine


Live closer to work, get a much smaller car

A solar hot water system, could go far

Fork out some dough, for pure green energy

You can get it now, ring the power company


You think the Green party stinks, but if you don’t vote for it

The mainstream goes on, and they really don’t give a shit

You don’t have to worry, they’ll never get in

But a Green vote could help, to start things happening

Old habits die hard, when you go to the polling booth

Voting for the Greens, has to seem really uncouth

Your old dad always said, to vote ALP

Give your preference to your dad, but give your mum a cup of tea


Vote Green  x3

You must be kidding


This all sounds good, but perhaps it’s too cheesy

If you’re really pissed off, and life’s not too easy

Do absolutely zilch but make your vote count

Put a cross in each box, and show them what you really want


Look out x3

No No No No No




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