The Gift Economy, Anarchism and Strategies for Change
Terry Leahy's website
Technologies for Rural Food Security
Global Food Crisis (2008)
Oil Crunch: The Cuban Solution
Low Energy Futures: Cities and Countryside
Permaculture, Food Security and Development
Permaculture, Food Security & Development Projects
Unsustainable Food Production: Its Social Roots and Remedies
Flexible Strategies for Rural Development: Three Locations
Sustainable Cities in a Low Energy Future (Part 1)
Sustainable Cities in a Low Energy Future (Part 2)
Sustainable Cities in a Low Energy Future (Part 3)
Lecture: How Environmental Problems in Developing Countries are caused by the Economic Structures of the Market Economy
Sustainable Agriculture: A Marketing Opportunity or Impossible in the Global Capitalist Economy?
Starter Kit for the Hunter Region: Permaculture Your House and Garden
Feral Permaculture for Hunter Backyards
Confessions of a Compost Maker
Sociological Utopias and Social Transformation: Permaculture and the Gift Economy
The Social Context of Permaculture
Food and The Environment
Food, Society and the Environment - 2003
Lecture: What is Permaculture - Where, When and How?
How Can Permaculture Maintain its Relevance in a Changing World?
Market Forces, Globalisation and Agriculture - the example of Sulawesi
Getting Beyond the Impasse in Bushfire Management
The Australian Public, Developing Countries and the Environment
Permaculture, Sustainable Agriculture and Development
This section includes work for Terry Leahy's new book, Permaculture Strategy for the South African Villages. 

You can download a PDF version of the book by clicking this link.

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