The Gift Economy, Anarchism and Strategies for Change
Terry Leahy's website
The Chikukwa Project
A Winning Formula
Food Security Projects: Uganda
Food security projects for Africa: a case study from Uganda
Food Security Failures and the Strategies of the Poor: Rural Zambia.
Teaching Them To Fish
Entrepreneurial Ideology and Development Work in South Africa
Solutions for Africa: Grazing strategy for community pastures
Types of Agricultural Projects for the South African Villages
Communal Grazing Strategies
The Chikukwa Project
What is a farmer?
Working For Food – Working For Money
The Soap Projects of WSU Rural Development Centre
Three Models for Rural Development in the Eastern Cape
Suggestions for Tikondane: For food security in the villages
What to do with cooperatives that have failed: suggestions for South African rural development
Proposal For Green Jobs
A successful group project: Melani, Eastern Cape near Alice
Jan’s Figures on Farming
Project for Guquka and other likely villages around Alice
Another Guquka farmer: Mrs Magatyeni
A Home Stand Garden: Mr Cheke’s place, Guquka Eastern Cape
Some Limpopo Projects
Three Projects of the University of Fort Hare
The impact of landlessness on sustainable agricultural initiatives; Benet Sub County, Kapchorwa, Uganda
Smoothing out the bumps in food security
Permaculture, Food Security & Development Projects
Permaculture, Food Security and Development
Technologies for Rural Food Security
Communal Grazing Strategies

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