The Gift Economy, Anarchism and Strategies for Change
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Philosophy of the Social Sciences

This section contains chapters from Terry's next book on Philosophy of the Social Sciences. Please note that this book is a work in progress, so some references are incomplete or missing.

On each page, at the top, you will see a link allowing you to download that particular chapter as a PDF file for personal use or study. Please note, that you must have the latest version of Adobe PDF Reader.

The section titles are as follows:

  • Preface    --- Basic Stuff: Metatheory for the Social Sciences

  • Chapter 1 --- Knowledge in the Social Sciences

  • Chapter 2 --- Debates about Epistemology in Recent Social Sciences

  • Chapter 3 --- Elements of Explanation in the Social Sciences

  • Chapter 4 --- What Do Social Scientists Do In Their Accounts?
  • Chapter 5 --- How Values come in to the Social Sciences

  • Chapter 6 --- Two Examples of Humanist Ethics

  • Chapter 7 ---  Ethics for Social Scientists Today

  • Reflections: Human Nature and the Sociology Textbooks

  • Chapter 8 ---  Inequality, Exploitation and Gender

  • Chapter 9 ---  Social Class

  • Chapter 10 ---  Cross-Over Issues

  • References
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